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Official project deliverables

PDFD1.2: Opening conference report “Exploring solutions for future action” (PDF, 2 MB)

PDFD1.3: Closing conference report “Fostering stakeholder dialogue” (PDF, 1.4 MB)

PDFD2.1: Adaption Report on EU Civil Society-Industry Dialogues (PDF, 429 kB)

PDFD2.2: Regional Civil Society-Industry Dialogue Report (PDF, 910 kB)

PDFD2.3: Synthesis Report on Dialogue Insights (PDF, 1 MB)

PDFD3.1: Education related to mineral raw materials in the EU - Available study programmes and exisiting skill shortages (PDF, 818 kB)

PDFD3.2: Draft syllabi for university education and blueprints for industry training and courses for geological surveys (PDF, 465 kB)

PDFD3.3: Final report on skills shortages and means of addressing them (PDF, 3.8 MB)

PDFD4.3: COBALT declaration from the closing conference (PDF, 337 kB)

PDFD4.4: Network report (PDF, 380 kB)

PDFD5.1: Standard Operating Procedures (PDF, 448 kB)

Official project dissemination publications

Policy briefs

PDFCOBALT 8th policy brief (PDF, 481 kB)

PDFCOBALT 7th policy brief (PDF, 421 kB)

PDFCOBALT 6th policy brief (PDF, 374 kB)

PDFCOBALT 5th policy brief (PDF, 374 kB)

PDFCOBALT 4th policy brief (PDF, 123 kB)

PDFCOBALT 3rd policy brief (PDF, 124 kB)

PDFCOBALT 2nd policy brief (PDF, 135 kB)

PDFCOBALT 1st policy brief (PDF, 365 kB)

Working papers

PDFCOBALT 1st working paper: "A stakeholder perspective on sustainable raw materials management" (PDF, 109 kB)

PDFCOBALT background paper: Reflections on sustainable raw materials management (PDF, 814 kB)


PDF3rd COBALT Newsletter (July 2014) (PDF, 133 kB)

PDF2nd COBALT Newsletter (May 2014) (PDF, 133 kB)

PDFPress release for the COBALT opening conference (PDF, 189 kB)

PDFCOBALT opening conference: short summary of Working Group results (PDF, 421 kB)

PDFCOBALT note on the European Innovation Partnership Annual Conference - Taking a glimpse on civil society perspectives (PDF, 113 kB)

PDF1st COBALT Newsletter (February 2014) (PDF, 121 kB)

PDFCOBALT project flyer (PDF, 212 kB)


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